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Jun 16
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  • the Beez Says:

    Just came across your punk covers. Finally I can listen to Propaghandhi without spilling the tea. Thank you so much. No Lagwagon covers? That would be nice. And your own music of course, is glorious. Another star rises over Canada.

    I’ve been looking for a musical act to open for with my strange spokenword-ish dark comedy art. You might be right. Can I send you a short video?

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Thanks! Yes, send away, where do you live?

  • Jason O'Connor Says:

    My name is Jason O’Connor and I play in a folk/punk/indie acoustic duo called Maybe Next Time. We have been together for almost 3 years but havent had the best of luck. For a good solid year we created many songs to fill 2 EP’s and 2 LP’s but havent had the technology to get our songs out their. I discovered you when I was looking up Social D’s Reach For the Sky and I head your version and it was awesome. You also cover Those Anarcho Punk Are Mysterious by Against Me! and they are one of my all time favorite bands and I absolutely love that song. You have a great taste in music and I realy dig your songs and covers. I reallly support what you are doing and would like to establish a relationship with you and be friends and maybe even jam and write songs together.

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Thanks for the message Jason, shoot me an email if you don’t mind!

  • Josefine Says:

    Hey I just wanted to say that I think you are amazing. I love your cover on Rise Against´s “black masks and gasoline, Im a huge RA fan but you make that song way much better.

    Your album “from darkness to light” is awesome as well, you are gonna go far!

    Hope to see you on stage in Sweden sometime 😉

  • Clint Rawlings Says:

    Hi Jenn,
    I would just like to say that you are very talented and have a fantastic taste in music.. I stumbled across your music while lookin for leftover crack songs to learn on guitar and your cover of nazi white trash just blew me away.. Now I’ve just purchased my very first guitar and am learning to play.. I was wondering if you knew of any good online tutorials.. I’m practicing every day and watch your YouTube channel flat out.. Thank you for your inspiration to play.. Clint

  • JayBee Says:

    I would love to see her live. My friends and I love her YouTube channel. We are from lil old Wisconsin. But, I would travel to see her live.

  • JG Says:

    Sweet Propagandhi covers! I mean sweet everything… But Propagandhi is my all time and your renditions are pretty cool.


  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Thanks Josh, Propagandhi kicks ass!

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