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Pouzza Fest

A couple weekends ago I had the privilege of performing at Pouzza Fest! That was my first time playing in Montreal and I got an amazing response from people, met some awesome punk rockers and sold a bunch of CDs. Thanks to Hugo Mudie for letting me play and to Raw Cut Media for filming a couple songs, and to anyone else who took photos or videos of my performance. The sound wasn’t the greatest because of complaints from local residents (even though it was 6pm haha) but people seemed to dig it. I will definitely be back in Montreal soon!

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Jun 3


  • Mike Maruca Says:

    Holy crap! Had I known you were in Montreal I would ahve definitely had gone! Damn it! Just discovered ya today…this stuff is awesome lol

    listen We’re starting a geek community called….anyway we can link your site and maybe get a video up for the main page? Let me know.


  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Hey Mike,
    No worries I will be back in Montreal soon! And yes feel free to post links/videos wherever you’d like! Thanks!

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