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Back from the East Coast/Planning for 2014

Thanks to everyone who helped me out on my East Coast tour! I met tons of amazing people and played shows with some extremely talented artists! Pictures and videos are coming soon! Unfortunately, I do not own a digital camera, so most of the pictures will be from my cell phone or taken from my videos, but hopefully they won’t look too terrible…

If anyone can help me out in any way while I book my tours for next year, please send an email to And if you want to keep up to date with any tour info or new release please join my mailing list!

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Nov 3
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  • Rankin Says:

    I like it. Found you through a Strung Out cover on you tube…nicely done. I’ll put your music on my wish list, (cuz I need a new job). You’re motivating me to get my stuff recorded. A taylor and a voice go a long ways…

  • Adam Says:

    Happy are Those Who Forget is a great song omg you need to go electric!

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