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It’s been a busy few years for Markham, Ontario’s own Jenn Fiorentino. Since first going viral on YouTube, where she’s amassed over six million views and tens of thousands of followers, Jenn has been hitting the pavement with her honest, organic brand of pop/rock music.

Having toured most of the United States and Eastern Canada, she’s played multiple festivals, shared the stage and supported high profile recording artists Chris Cresswell, Austin Lucas, and Billy Pettinger (just to name a few), and has become a popular fixture at Montréal’s annual Pouzza Fest. With all this momentum, Jenn’s now poised to take her music career to the next level.

“I’ve had a ton of life experience since my last album, relationships, touring, and working…I think that’s really changed my perspective. It’s easy to lose your path when you let negative emotions hold you back, and a lot of this record is about overcoming those mental barriers so you can move forward.”

And move forward she has. In Jenn’s upcoming third record “Survive,” anticipated to be released late this year, you hear the more mature sound of a young artist who’s just hitting her stride. This time she’s paired up with producer Derek Downham, who’s worked with top Canadian Billboard acts (the likes of Serena Ryder and Treasa Levasseur), and together they’re shaping a unique sound with a blend of acoustic instrumentation and modern production. The end result is “Survive,” a brutally honest tour de force, filled with sing along hooks, powerful rhythms, and infectious melodies. Her music is an authentic extension of herself, just waiting to be the new what’s next.

Her voice is gently insightful, wise beyond her years, and expresses a universality that everyone can relate to. Get to know Jenn Fiorentino before she becomes a household name.

-Scott Hallquist

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May 22
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  • Danilo Says:

    You`re awesome, best covers and great songs too!!

    cheers from brazil!!

  • Jesse Says:

    Dear Jen,


    Love to have you play out here in Los Angeles Ca
    You & your crew always have a place to crash if you ever tour this way.

    Much Love & Respect!

    -Jesse martinez

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Thanks Jesse! I’d like to come next year, do you know of any good places to play or people who can help me book a good show?

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Hey Jesse, I will be touring the West Coast starting next week! I have some shows in the LA area but will be playing right in the city on June 16 at the Redwood Bar..I just took all the dates down but will be re-posting them once I arrive in California next week. Hopefully I’ll see you there!

  • Derlone Pereira Says:

    I met you watching a Propagandhi’s cover, just for curiosity, then I fell in love with your own songs!
    + Cheers from Brazil! Go vegan!

  • Pat Kozowyk Says:

    ..a city where pucks outnumber punks…
    Great line!
    I getting ready to tell others about you…hope to see you in performance soon.

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Yes please spread the word! Thanks Pat! 🙂

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    […] and shapes really do seem to form the focus of her work. Or maybe Johnny Duggan puts it better in Fiorentino’s bio: “With a tireless drive for performance and aspirations born of passion, not posturing, Jenn […]

  • Colin (Ocean City, MD) Says:

    The first three bands I saw you’d covered were literally my three favorite of all time, Strung Out, Bad Religion, Propagandhi. I was in love from there.

  • MIKE Says:

    I know I am just another random kid commenting on your site but I just need to say I just discovered you tonight and have been watching and listening to you for hours…literally. I too grew up listening to punk and was in band decades ago and really want to get back into playing and watching you has really
    pushed me to get my ass in gear.I hope to someday have the confidence and talent you have. I know this message won’t stick out or will sound like thousands of other comments but just needed to get it off my chest. Come down to the Boston area and I will be there. Keep writing, Ill keep listening. Thanks for being an inspiration.

    Mike (Southern NH)

  • Mihail Says:

    Теперь милая леди у вас еще одним поклонником из России больше.
    P.S. А в очах и ум, и огонь

  • Kirill Says:

    From Russia with love!!!

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  • Donny Says:

    You ever think about doing any Bouncing Souls covers? I’m curious how it will sound. Love your voice.
    -Donny (Lisbon, Ohio)

  • Steve Babler Says:


    Love the punk covers. It’s great to hear a girl singing those song with as much passion and probably hitting more notes than the guys do. Also great to here you really stepping beyond your influences and finding your own voice on the 2nd album. Hope you make it to VT sometime in the future.

  • Jerky Jess Says:

    Girl you rock! I just found you today 1/4/14 and ild love t hear you do some Bouncing Souls songs too! and always more Social D.

  • The MilkMan Says:

    You are one of the most amazing musicians I have ever seen in my entire life. I just discovered your Youtube channel last night, and I have already seen all of your videos. When I see how much emotion and heart you put into your music it proves to me that punk rock is not dead. As long as people like you alive punk rock will never die. Thank you for doing what you do. It inspires me.

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Thanks for you kind words 🙂

  • Misha Says:

    Girl of my dreams! with love from Ukraine.

  • MrMynx Says:

    I love your Against me covers, one of my fav’s much love from Milton ON.

  • scott Says:

    CD was in the mailbox today! Thank you its great! Best of luck to you and thanks again for a great sound.

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Thanks again for your support!

  • ErBrunTattoos Says:

    You are absolutely amazing, come to Vancouver!

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Thanks! Hopefully this year sometime!

  • haunted2097 Says:

    Great covers and great original songs!
    Keep on going!

  • Brandon Hunt Says:

    So happy I found you on Youtube. Your covers are great, they showcase your fantastic taste in music, and your original songs ROCK. Don’t ever stop writing.

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Thanks Brandon, oh I won’t!

  • Jenn Fiorentino-From Darkness to Light | MusicLynk Magazine : MusicLynk Says:

    […] with a message and a melody, self-proclaimed organic-acoustic-punk artist, Jenn Fiorentino is someone to keep your eye on. With two full-length albums released to date, Fiorentino continues […]

  • Chris Says:

    Jenn – you sound great. I love the rhythm of your guitar covers, and your original stuff is great. Keep it up – it’s great music.

    One quick question – what guitar do you play? I love the warm sound. Martin ? Taylor? What model?

    Only reason I ask is that I’m in the market for a new geetar and love the sound coming out of yours.

    Hopefully someday you’ll do a show in Boston 🙂

    Keep it up and good luck!

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Hey Chris, I play a Taylor 210CE and a Martin DC16-GTE, both amazing guitars 🙂

  • ty Says:

    age? cause i’m sure i’m gonna be blown away.

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    you have to guess 😛

  • Ric Says:

    Hi Jenn,
    i`ve found your acoustic cover of No Use For A Name – Friends of the Enemy on youtube. Great!
    Particularly this music reminds me of special times.
    I wish you all the best with your own songs and maybe you’ll even once to Germany.

  • Frank Says:

    Never thought I would be buying an acoustic album any time soon. Thanks for proving me wrong. 🙂

    And feel free to cross the pond someday. Europe is missing out!

    Keep it up.

    -Frank (Netherlands)

  • Pete Says:

    Jenn –

    You’ve got such great taste in music. I’ve been following Dave Hause and the Loved Ones for 8 years and went to see them on a whim. To my surprise The Gaslight Anthem opened for them when they were brand new and unknown at Reggies Rock Club in Chicago. I don’t know if the other other band that played with them is still around but they were pretty good too, think they were called Hi_Fi Hand Grenades. One of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Social D, my favorite band of all time and The Offspring are definitely up there as well. Heck, the whole Revival Tour has been awesome… that would be the perfect place for you to showcase your stuff. I really enjoy listening to your covers of all these bands and look forward to seeing you in Chicago or a nearby place sometime. Just hope it’s sooner than later… look forward to seeing more work… I’ve been stopping by your youtube channel about once a month for 6 months to see what’s new… you’re just as good a singer as Dave Hause, Brian Fallon, and many others I saw in their early years… truly impressed and I look forward to hearing more!!

  • Mattyc Says:

    When are you coming to Edmonton Alberta to play Music

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Hopefully this year!

  • Gab Says:

    I can’t stop listening your album, in my car, on my phone, anytime. Thank you for singing and playing music. You are amazing.

  • David Says:

    Jenn! I found your acoustic cover of The Kids Aren’t Alright, and ever since then I’ve fallen in love with your own music and listen to it daily! I’d love to see you perform live! (Austin, Tx)

  • Oli Says:

    Hi Jen,

    I saw that your coming to Montreal in october, but I can’t find the place you wll be playing !!!

    Is it at the Crobar???

    Thx for your music and see you at the concert

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Hey Oli, yes I should still be coming there! It was supposed to be at Crober but we might have to move it somewhere a bit out of the city…I will post it on my site as soon as I find out!

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Hey Oli, the show will be at Katacombes!

  • Pino Says:

    Hey, i’m italian…when you come in italy? Se you soon

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Hey Pino
    I am hoping to come over to Europe sometime next year, hopefully I’ll see you there!

  • Raz Says:

    The cover of “Operation Ivy – The crowd” = Fell in love with your voice and your attitude. You are going to get very far i beileve, and keep up the good work! Best regards Rasmus from Sweden! If you got any thoughts visit Sweden i can try get some sweet places for you to play on!

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Awesome! I’d love to come to Sweden next year!

  • Julien Says:

    Hi my dear ! I come from a country where you do not know what it is music, France . However, I ‘ve found you the first time on YouTube with cover of Chuck Ragan and it was great! I’m listening right now your albums that I bought and it’s great , really! I no longer believe in Santa Claus but if one day you do not know what to do , I hope so that you will come to France , I may have can be dates. At the time of writing this is the 25th December , so I wish you merry christmas and happy new year ! You Rocks! Kisses

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Hey Julien, thank you for ordering my albums! Your support if really helpful. I am working on coming to Europe this year (2015) and France will definitely be one of my stops, as long as I can get a good tour together you will see me there!
    Take care 🙂

  • Nicki Alfrey Says:

    Love your artistry on the guitar and how you put your whole self into your work. What type of Taylor edition do you play? I have a Taylor GS Mini. That’s all I can afford now, but would love to get what you have or similar. And what strings do you like to use best on your Taylor? Do you use Elixer brand that Taylor suggest/ NICKI

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Thanks Nicki! The Taylor I use in my videos is a 210CE, and I put Elixir light gauge phosphor bronze strings on it.

  • jeramey Says:

    Absolutely talented you are. A strong punk voice for the girls of Canada to look up 2! I hope ya don’t forget to come to newfoundland soon. I look forward to seeing ya perform. once again your music is great wish you all the success in the world peace!!

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Thanks for your kind works Jeramey 🙂 I will do my best to make it over to Newfoundland soon! Stay tuned for my new album!

  • Tony NUCCI Says:

    I am totally infatuated with you. I was listening to sublime on YouTube when I stumpled upon your cover of “same in the end” I thought you were freakin sick! Before I saw your cover, I would have never thought a female could cover that song correctly. I also think having video of your smokin hot physical attractiveness to embellish your rockin hot voice is just perfect. I saw your video and immediately felt compelled to talk to you. I really enjoyed it and I’m eager to see more.. Oh yeah and your image I guess, has made me want a girl who can sing punk music. I’m someone of your caliber already has a great guy who’s nuts about you.

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Thanks Tony! Finding an awesome guy in my neck of the woods is tougher than you think though 😛

  • Jason Says:

    You’re certainly a kitten and I love your influences. I can hear you playing/singing with Johnny Two Bags. Think about it! Let’s hear you cover One foot in the gutter on Youtube. Would love to see you perform here in Alaska someday. Take care

  • Mike Luna Says:

    Hey there one just stumbled on to one of you’re cover videos and became hooked. The video I stumbled onto was Leftover Crack cover pretty much all I needed to see to get an idea of the skill you posses and what you enjoy listening to. Thought I’d sing your praises and you got a fan from Phoenix. By the way could you cover Rikk Agnew- Yur 2 late no one has covered this song and I would say you would do it great.

  • LeoGarrett Says:

    Jenn i am your fan, your voice bring me good vibration,
    so sweet and with great energy.
    Come to rio de janeiro!!!

  • Jason13 Says:

    Your cover of strung out swan dive was amazing! Maybe you can cover analog next? Much love from Alaska!

  • WilliamBito Says:

    Great article. Much obliged. Feher

  • Neilio Says:

    Your take on these songs brings different meaning and feeling, you are not covering songs, you are giving us your own interpretation of them. My favorite by far-“without love” . Chris Hannah has such a wacky technique in playing the same chords different ways and is very technical. You did that song justice and I think I like your version better. I heard that songs about his cat. Peace and love.

  • jennfiorentino Says:

    Thanks Neilio! Yeah, I love the songs I cover so much that I try to make them into my own since I feel that connection with them -if that makes sense. I also love cats!

  • andrew Says:

    Wow, what a voice. I found you when I was listening to AWS for ole time sakes. Your cover of Famous Friends and Fashion Drunks gave me the chills. It brought me back to the time in my life when this album came out . It really brought me back to so many memories, some good some bad. I cant believe its been over 10years since this album came out, time flies I guess.

    Your originals are really powerful too, you have a great talent.

    It was cool to hear you cover some of the bands that I followed when I was in a band.

    Hope to see you on tour sometime in the Tampa FL area soon!!!

  • John Says:

    You kick ass. Very talented guitarist. If you ever come through Salt Lake City I will riund up the troops and we will be there. If you are routing and want to book a show in Salt Lake email me.

  • Josh Says:

    *obligatory misc smoke blown up your ass*

    I can’t wait to hear your new music. I’ve got you on every spotify playlist I listen to/share.

    Florida is pretty much the asshole of America, but you have fans here. And now that I think about it, America is pretty much the asshole of America… So, nevermind.

    If you did a cover of San Dimas Highschool Football Rules by The Ataris, I think I’d probably start commuting to Canada to see your shows.

    Also, I didn’t intend to say ‘ass’ so many times in this post. Must have been some kind of Freudian thing.


  • Zoltan Says:

    You ever come to the UK?

  • Václav Says:

    You are absolutely fantastic. Thanks for all your covers… And you are pretty nice miss also… Wish you all good ! Václav

  • Josh Gray Says:

    One look, one thousands listens and I fell in love with you.
    Prop is from my home town of Portage la Prairie. Mb
    Love the covers.

    We do alot of home town shows In Portage and tour around, with my band When Chaos Reigns.

    Id love to throw you on a bill with us just for funzies if you ever come through town or in Winnipeg ? your beautiful .

    -Josh Gray

  • sck Says:

    You rock Jenn. keep up the good work.

  • Michael Says:

    Your cover of Burn After Writing by The Menzingers is phenomenal!

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