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It’s been a while since I posted some news on here! I’ve been working a bit more behind the scenes over the past six months or so, but you can expect a lot more from me this year! Continue reading

  • Concert Window

    Hello everyone!

    Please join me this Tuesday (April 14th) for my online performance through Concert Window! Continue reading

  • Happy New Year!!!

    Happy New Year everyone! You might have noticed that I don’t have any shows booked at the moment. Well, I am currently working on another video AND preparing to record a new EP for you all! Continue reading

  • Instagram!

    I now have Instagram, make sure you follow me!  

  • New Music Video!

    Happy Tuesday everyone! I just officially released my first music video! . My good friend Elizabeth Violante did an amazing job of producing it, so make sure you watch, listen, ‘like’, and share it with your friends. And also check out the rest

  • Northeast US Tour

    Hello everyone, If you haven’t already noticed, I will be touring the Northeastern part of the United States from August 21st until the 31st. Continue reading

  • West Coast Tour!

    Hi everyone! If you live on the West side of the United States, you may just be able to come out and see me play this June! I will be touring with Los Angeles punk rock band DC Fallout Continue reading

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